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The Inner Fear of "What If..?"

Many of us sometimes have this inner fear when it come to business or ideas.

"What if my idea doesn't work? 
" What if I invest all my money and time and I fail? 
"This idea is too big and it's never been done, I can't do it!"

Well.....start asking yourself the following questions.....

what if my idea works?
What if eventually my plan becomes the best and becomes global?
What if my idea is the next big THING?

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning"

Borrowed from - John Dumelo as it was posted on his facebook page, Visit his page for more inspirational quotes and ideas.

Here is one of his statuses that i like and i decided to share it with you..

That business idea you have in your head, why is it still there? Are you doing something about it? Get up, get out and start working on it! There's no time to keep stuff within. Live, eat, breath and work on that idea. No idea is too small. Those who tell you, you cant do it say that cos they couldn't do it. If you couldn't do it...I can!#‎thinkpositve‬
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