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How I became a blogger

Have you ever wondered that if you were given an opportunity to turn back and change thing would you do something different...? As for me yes I would.

There are things I wish I knew at the age of 18 or even 15, but it was different back then… I’m now 29 and I realize that maybe I would have done things in a different way if go back in time.

In 2005 is when I learned about the online business...and all about blogging, at that time I was just a school boy with no computer but I saw something that captured my attention and thought I should try it out...

By 2008 I opened my first blog using free servers from blogger, I named my blog “nipe5” with a blogger domain as and at that time I didn’t know about the HTML’s but I learned it by myself.

My first blog became very popular in no time and its design was like of a professional web designed… One day I received an email from one of the best bloggers at that time and still the best to present... We all know her by the name “Subi” she owns a site called 

Her advice changed my world, at first she congratulated me for having a great blog design and I still recall her message...

From there she became my role model, and when I decided to move from news blog to career blog she told me it was the best idea as it was unique and not too competitive. That when I started JobsTanzania at that time it was running with a and I changed to

JobsTanzania was officially founded on May 2009, at that time I was in college but I still managed to keep the blog running and updated every day. And today JobsTanzania is one of my best creations as it has made me popular by providing the service that a lot of people are looking for.

Lets end up here for today, next time will explain what happened next. But all in all blogging as awesome if you have a goal.

If you want to start your own blog, here is the A-Z details on  How To Create a free blog using - in a short and easy way

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