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How to Increase Your Blog’s Page Views

Getting readers to explore more page on your blog can be tough – here’s some strategies on how to do it

Although there are a number of reasons why bloggers might wish to increase their blog statistic and these is because;-

- The more pages a reader visits, it increase the chance of them coming back again.

- Revenue – more and more of the ads that are running on your blogs are impression based ads (ie the more times the ads are seen the more the income you will earn).

So here are the tips on how to increase your blog page views: 

1. Interlink your blog Posts
This is one of the simplest way but mostly effective in generating more page views as it helps to engage your readers with more articles on your blog.

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2. Have a relate post Widget
The advantage of related post widget/plugin is that it automatically finds other posts you have written on similar topics. also this can be done manually but adding links of the related post withing your posts

3. Highlight the Key Posts in visible Positions
Always show all your key posts in areas which are more visible to attract your visitors, i would suggest the use of your blog menu bar to post links that are the key your blog. As the result this will yield more page views

4.Publish new articles regularly 
In order to keep your readers coming back on your blog, this is the general rule... "Publish new articles regularly " as it gives your readers a wider opportunity of coming back for more posts

5. Use forums to promote your blog
 Forums are the best places for bloggers to promote their post. It's a very simple method but yet effective way to promote your blog. Through the use of online forums you can promote your blog posts and gain a lot of traffic towards your website.

Here are other tips you should consider...

  • Increase your likes on Facebook  & Build a large following on Twitter
  • Join Facebook groups and participate
  • Link to your blog on Facebook  & Twitter in your profile
  • sharing of content on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Build an email subscriber list from day one
  • Create and publish great content
  • Include a Google+ sharing button even if you don’t use it very much (over half a billion people there!)
  • Facebook sharing button is a must
  • Make it easy for people to share your content with a Pinterest sharing button
  • Provide an incentive for people to subscribe to your blog by offering a free ebook in exchange for their email address and name
  • Place the email subscriber box in a prominent position (top right or even in the top banner)
  • Make your blog easy to read (this will keep them loyal and bring them back)
  • Write the best headlines you possibly can
  • Comment & Reply on other bloggers articles
  • Reply to comments on your blog posts
  • Ensure your blog can be easily read on mobile devices
  • Write sub-titles with keywords in posts to help your SEO
  • Improve your blogs search engine friendly content by including key words in images

All in all, Which of the above techniques  you have implemented on your blog already?

- If none, Which will you go away and implement on your blog today?

- Just Go and give it a try (one or more than one) and let me know about the results
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